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How to earn and redeem your points
May 29, 2015

Hi all, for many of you, you have started to earn points and you can already start redeeming at only 50 points now! It can all be done in a few clicks :) if you need to know more, here's...

Buttercup is completed!
May 24, 2015

I'm finally done :) here's the final piece, took 3 days to complete all the crazy beading! This has been a fun project which helped to distract me a little.

2nd Mystic Stitch pattern is FREE!
May 11, 2015

Use discount code: Mystic2015 to get the 2nd pattern from Mystic Stitch for FREE.

Skirt almost complete!
May 09, 2015

I am so tired and its time to sleep but I made a lot of progress today.