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Recent Articles

14-count vs 18-count
October 01, 2015

Are you confused about 14-count and 18-count fabric? 14-count means 14 squares per inch and 18-count has 18 squares per inch. Which means 14-count has bigger squares, is easier to stitch on and is the general favorite among most stitchers.However...

How we design our kits and charts
September 30, 2015

We have been wanting to show off our designer's work for quite a while as well as her process. Here's what it takes to design an original pattern or kit under The Art of Stitch.1. We choose an artwork (or...

Get creative with Leftover threads
September 22, 2015

Do you have a lot of extra threads lying around? Get creative! There are plenty of free mandala or floral designs on the internet or magazines which don't require a lot of colors. You can apply the colors you have...

Thread your Needle
September 19, 2015

To thread your needle it is easiest to use the DMC Needle Threader. To use the DMC Needle Threader, slide the eye of the needle onto the hook, then loop the thread on the hook and pass the hook through...