Cross Stitch Guide by Kathleen M Dyer

Selecting the Fabric - Aida vs. Evenweaves/Linen

Counted cross stitch has few rules. The main one is to enjoy yourself. You may follow or ignore any of the tips listed in this FAQ and still be a "real" cross stitcher. Generally, people first learn to do counted...
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Selecting the Floss/Thread/Fibre

Commercial charts suggest which type and colour of thread to use. Kits even supply the thread for you. However, there are times when you want to select the thread yourself. Situation: The floss supplied in a kit is of poor...
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Selecting the Needle

Counted thread stitch should be done with a tapestry needle. Tapestry needles have blunt points and much larger eyes than sewing needles. The blunt points prevent the needles from piercing fabric threads. Tapestry needles come in a variety of sizes....
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Setting the Floss Colour

Floss is generally colourfast, but some people like to be very cautious when using dark or intense colours in heirloom quality projects. If you choose to be this cautious, do the following. Remove the floss from the paper wrapper. Place...
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Preparing the Fabric

The following suggestions are very conservative and cautious. It seems safest to list many things that a stitcher might want to be aware of. You are then free to use or ignore whatever you choose. Trim off any selvage edges....
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Hoop or Hand?

First, the traditional rule--stitch on Aida using a hoop and stitch on linen "in the hand". In actual practice, people do whatever works best for them. Most who like their fabric taut do tend to avoid hoops in favour of...
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