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We have been wanting to show off our designer's work for quite a while as well as her process. Here's what it takes to design an original pattern or kit under The Art of Stitch.

1. We choose an artwork (or you give us your photo).
2. Our designer confirms the size of the design, determines the number of colors to use (maximum at this point) and uses our professional software to do the first draft of the design.
Usually this already looks awesome but it will be tedious for you to stitch.
3. Our designer takes 2 hours approximately to go through the whole design by hand, removing far and single stitches all around so that you will have an easier time to stitch. The colors are further refined. This will lessen the number of colors without affecting the quality.
4. It takes about 10 minutes after that to convert the design into a proper PDF ready for you.
5. If you ordered a kit, there is another 2-3 hours of cutting the threads and fabric to come to the picture attached.

Our process have changed quite a bit since we started our own brand 4 years ago based on customer feedback and we are very happy to hear how our customers enjoy stitching our designs especially when it's a difficult artwork.

Thank you very much for all the support and feedback. :)



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