14-count vs 18-count

Are you confused about 14-count and 18-count fabric? 14-count means 14 squares per inch and 18-count has 18 squares per inch. Which means 14-count has bigger squares, is easier to stitch on and is the general favorite among most stitchers.

However if you have stitched a few times, consider moving on to 18-count. The squares are smaller, and the design will be a few inches less but you will a more detailed, clearer result of your cross stitching.

As the count gets highers (for e.g. 20-count, 28-count etc), the squares get a lot more smaller. For 28-count and 32-count, most stitchers prefer to stitch over 4 squares which equals to the same size when you do it on a 14-count fabric.

Below is an image on what stitching over 4 squares mean.

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