• Selling your Cross Stitch

    Did you know that you can actually sell your finished works after you are done? Yup, if you want to earn some extra money on ebay etc, stitch a masterpiece and put it up for sale! You can't make copies of our charts to distribute but you can definitely sell your finished cross stitch work. Here are a few tips -  1. You don't...
  • The Basics of Cross Stitching

    There are not many things you need to get to start this amazing hobby. In fact if you were to get a kit, it would come with everything you need in one package. But if you choose to get a chart there are a few things you need to get before you begin your project. Fabric  The most important to get and there are...
  • Saving Money on Cross Stitch

    You love to cross stitch but it’s costing way too much, you thought. How do you maintain this hobby and not fall into the commercial traps of the cross stitch mania. Here are my tried and true ways of making your cross stitch go a long way and then some. After your project is done, snip extra fabric, keep the thread and store the needles. You...
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