Feather Iron On Patch


Size of Applique --> 1 x 4 inches

Iron On Patches are a wonderful addition to your everyday clothes or a craft project. They are great for towels, blankets, pillows, bags, aprons, jackets, pants, shirts, costumes, baby wear, and many more! Add this iron-on applique to a ton of your everyday wear to brighten them up! Patches can also be sewed on for added security. Not for use on delicate fabrics.


1. Preheat DRY iron to cotton setting.
2. Place applique design side up, in desired position on project, cover with pressing cloth.
3. Press firmly for 10-15 seconds to tack applique in place.
4. Turn project inside out, press back side of applique firmly 20-25 seconds.
5. Allow project to cool to touch; repeat step 4 if necessary.

Applique can be iron on and stitched on if preferred.

Feather Iron On Patch

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