Stitch a Photo

Would you like to cross stitch your own portrait, your friends or your loved one? Now you can with our Stitch a Photo service. You can also send any image you would like to stitch as long as it does not infringe on any copyrights.

Fill up our order form and upload your photo here.

How much does it cost?

This is just an approximate cost of of a kit based on the sizes. If the sizes you want are not here, take the size closest to it for an idea of the cost. PDF prices ranges from S$18-50 .



up to 8-9 inches


up to 10-11 inches


up to 12-13 inches


up to 14-15 inches


up to 16-17 inches


up to 18-19 inches


up to 20-22 inches


up to 25 inches



Can you design for 11 count or other counts?

Although our designs state that the sizes for 14 and 18 count, in truth all cross stitch charts can be used for any fabric count you like. The only difference will be the final size after you stitch it. You can enter the stitch count in the below link to calculate the how big your design will be on any other fabric count.

What is the difference between 14 and 18 count Aida?

14-count has 14 squares per inch and 18-count has 18 squares per inch. 14-count is the general favorite for beginners and 18-count is the smaller square. If you have stitched before, 18-count should be a breeze and the end result will be better as well. On 18-count, the design will be a few inches smaller.

What do you get when you purchase a cross stitch kit?

You will get  an A4 sized colored chart, Pre-carded DMC threads that are easy to pull out, 14-count or 18-count Aida Fabric (your choice!), needle/s, easy instructions and a DMC Care Page. A complimentary metre of metallic Kreinik thread will also be included for you to add a shine to your finished work.

Can I make changes to a design?

If any of the following changes need to be made to the current design, it will be subjected to a change fee which will be added to your current price:-

  • Change of size
  • Removal of Background
  • Removal of Words
  • Adding words (depends on the amount of space. Small spaces will use the backstitch design as words)

Stitch a photo designs are based solely on the photo provided. We are not able to change the skin color, shadows, color accents as this will disrupt the balance of colours for each pattern.

Will I receive a color chart?

Yes, all of our charts will be in color. Here's a sample of our chart.

Do I get an instant download if I choose PDF?

For Stitch a Photo orders, we further refined the pattern after payment is made. The process will take about 24-48 hours and your PDF will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

I normally start from the center of a chart. What is the best way to stitch your chart?

The best way to do our charts is to start from page 1. Do block by block (page by page). Go to the right hand corner of the fabric and measure at least 2-3 inches from top and side. Then mark the meeting point with a pen. Finish 1 whole page before moving on to the next page. One the next page don’t stitch the highlighted lines as they are repeated lines from the previous page. It’s only there to help you find your place.

Can I see some samples of your work?

You can see all of our past and current orders made for this service here. If your image is confidential, do let us know and we'll remove it right after your order is completed.