French Knots

This FAQ focuses on counted cross stitch, but there is one other stitch that should be discussed. That is the French Knot. It shows up in many counted cross stitch designs.

To make a French Knot:

  • Bring the needle and thread up from the back to the front of the fabric at the place where the knot is to be made.
  • Put the point of the needle back into the fabric a very short distance away from where it came up. Don't pull the needle all the way through to the back. On linen, the distance would be one fabric thread. On Aida, poke the needle into a neighbouring square.
  • Wrap the thread twice around the needle and pull it tight.
  • Continuing to pull it tight, slide the two wraps down the needle until they are against the fabric. At this time, it should look like a French Knot with a needle sticking through it.
  • Holding the knot tight, finish pulling the needle and the remaining thread through to the back of the fabric.
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