Where to Start Stitching

You're finally ready to make that first stitch on a new piece of fabric. What's the right location in which to start? The centre of the cloth? The upper left? The lower right?

The design itself should be centred. Where you start stitching that design is up to you. Here are some different schools of thought.

  • Let the design itself determine the starting location. Each design has its own best place to start.
  • Start in the middle. It makes it easy to be sure everything is centred. The centre of the design is often more interesting to work on.
  • The starting location depends on the direction you stitch. Try to have your needle come up through the hole with the fewest existing stitches and down through the hole with the most. For example, someone who stitches like this:

    should start at the upper left corner of the design:

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