Doing our Part for the environment

We love nature! and animals and the sky and the sea and we would like our children to still enjoy the same things in the future so we try our best to minimize waste without incurring more cost.
1. We print on both sides of the paper. This leads to lighter shipment, and we can provide lower shipping. If it does go over, it's on us!
2. Slight mistakes on punching the dmc card paper, nope we don't do over and replace. It's either we stick over with correction or leave the skewed little hole where it is for fun. We are sure it won't lessen your cross stitch experience to have little imperfections :) after all it proves your kit is handmade by a human and not a corporation.
3. We have recently started to add a recycled, hard Kraft board to our kits to keep the charts from getting all dog eared during shipment. A great use for this board is to paper clip the page you are doing on it to get a sturdier back support and to protect your paper.
Here's to making the environment safer and better! Every little bit counts and your awareness matters.
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