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Why Cross Stitch is a De-Stresser

Trying to keep your stress at bay is not always easy. There are many things to worry about in your life that can keep you up at night and over stressed during the day. This means that you need to look for simple ways to calm your mind and leave you feeling a lot more relaxed. While deep breathing and meditation activities do help you to de-stress, it might be time that you gave cross stitching a try. This type of stitching can be just what you need to get rid of the stresses that are plaguing your day.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should start cross stitching to de-stress:

Easy to Learn

You do not have to be skilled or talented in order to learn how to cross stitch. This is the easiest type of stitching that there is. All you have to do is start with an x shape and then stitch across depending on the type of pattern that you are following. This means that you do not necessarily need to be crafty or gifted in order to cross stitch, so you should not be hesitant to give it a try.


Since it is so easy to do, it is a type of stitching that is really soothing. You just stitch across the pattern over and over again. This means that you can allow your mind to relax and and continue to do the same motion over and over again. This will enable you to stop thinking about all of the things that are on your to-do list and will actually allow you to relax for once. This is an activity that you can do at any time of the day or night to help calm your mind and center your thoughts.

Carry It With You

It is easy to take all of your cross stitch materials with you. This means that no matter where you may find yourself throughout the day, you have the ability to de-stress fast with your cross stitch materials. Once you begin stressing, you will notice how your mind slows down and you are able to feel instantly calmed. This is something that you can do anywhere when you get the need to get rid of the stress from the day. If you are on the bus or waiting in the doctors office, you can cross stitch to de-stress.
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