Your Cross Stitch is done, now what?

Summary: Starting a cross stitch project is fun and exciting. But what happens when you are done? Aside from framing it up, what else can you do? Read this to get new and unique ideas!
It’s been a couple of months since you’ve started the exciting journey of starting your first, second or maybe even tenth cross stitch project. It has been a wonderful therapeutic journey from start to finish, from seeing the stitch start from a simple x to a glorious masterpiece of art.
Then the question strikes you. Now what do I do with it? Most cross stitchers would just send their work of art to the frame dealer and with a little mental prayer that they don’t screw it up, the cross stitch would be framed and ready to be hang. I have to admit I’ve been hanging all my completed works. I even have a wall dedicated only for my cross stitches.

Still there are other things you might want to consider doing. Here are 7 of my fun and unique ideas about what you can do after you have completed your project. Do take note that all ideas are dependent on the size of your patterns.

1. Make a quilt.  

Make small little patterns and sew them all together on a large piece of blanket, making a beautiful patchwork of cross stitch patterns.

2. Make a table cloth.

Floral or border cross stitch designs are great for table runners. Forget about buying a commercial table cloth. Show off to your guests by making one of your own!

3. Coasters 

Another favorite for guests are coasters. Cross stitch at least 6 patterns of the same theme and add lace around them to transform them into little girly coasters or simply use no-fray Aida to have ready made coasters after you are done stitching them.

4. Cushion covers

Although there are plenty of ready made stitch-able cushion covers, you don’t have to use that to make great cross stitch cushions. If you have plain cushion covers in hand, you can simply sew your cross stitch designs on them.

5. Wallpaper border 

This is an interesting one. You can cross stitch floral designs or alphabets on long strips of Aida and then glue it around a plain wall to liven up your baby’s room. It’s an alternative to putting up wallpaper and definitely would be something your baby would love to touch when he starts experimenting on textures.

6. Pencil case or purse

This is not a hard project to do. All you need is stitch on a bigger piece of Aida and only half of it so that when you later fold it, the design is nicely centered on one half. Of course this is entirely up to you. You can even arrange it that there are two designs at both sides. Then simple sew up the corners and add a zipper to the top. And you’ve got yourself a nice hand made purse or pencil case!

7. Head band

    If you have a small rectangle cross stitch pattern done, consider making it into a head band. You only need to attach a short piece of elastic band to connect your cross stitch ends. And then it’s perfect to hold your hair back!
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