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My affinity for cross-stitch started with my mom. Unfortunately, she passed when I was 10, and there are not many things I can remember about my childhood with her. But the one thing I do remember is seeing her cross stitch and one of her works is a huge framed cross stitch design on the wall of a cat driving a car with 3 birds flying away. My dad used to say that's me driving and those 3 birds are you and your 2 sisters. As I got older, I remembered this and started to cross stitch myself.

After a decade of being addicted to cross stitching, I started an online shop selling branded cross stitch from Dimensions, Janlynn, etc., but after a few years, I started to feel a little disconnected with these brands. I enjoy art and, despite the fact that I cannot afford it, I thought, what if I make cross stitch from art?

I am quite set in my cross-stitching ways. Stitchers would understand this. We like things a certain way. Some of us like black and white charts; some of us want color. Some of us feel repulsion towards any count below 18-count :P Personally, I wanted to stitch to relieve stress and not add to it.

I created The Art of Stitch with that in mind, with all of my favourite things and pet peeves, plus the amazing feedback I got from customers through the early years of development. I'm not afraid of change. Even now, if I find a better way to put a PDF together, I will change all my 500+ PDFs without hesitation. Every year, I would look to change or improve something to make it better for everyone. And if you like your chart a certain way, I'm open to customising it for you the way you like it.

We are proud to present our ever growing catalogue. We hope to hit 1000 designs one day, so you will be spoilt for choice.

Thank you for your support throughout our journey and we hope our products bring joy to your life.

Our business is registered in Singapore (Reg. 53189727C).


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