Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection

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Create stunning works of needle art using the designs contained within these themed packs of Light Effects threads. Each pack includes six skeins of Light Effects and a FREE booklet with 6-7 cross-stitch, embroidery and punch needle designs. The corresponding color chart, color key, stitching hints and creative finishing ideas are also included for your easy reference.

Contains one 8.7 yard skein of each color:

E321 Red Ruby
E130 Gemstones
E699 Green Emerald
E3821 Light Gold
E825 Blue Sapphire
E5200 White

These six colors are exclusive to this Holiday Blends pack, and are not available in open stock.

*This FAQ only applies to The Art of Stitch Designs*

I normally start from the center of a chart. What is the best way to stitch your chart?

The best way to do our charts is to start from page 1. Do block by block (page by page). Go to the right hand corner of the fabric and measure at least 2-3 inches from top and side. Then mark the meeting point with a pen. (see below).

Finish 1 whole page before moving on to the next page. One the next page don’t stitch the highlighted lines as they are repeated lines from the previous page. It’s only there to help you find your place.

Do I get an instant download if I choose PDF?

Yes, for regular charts, you get to download the chart instantly after checkout. However if you choose Larger Symbols for PDF, we will email you the chart within 12 - 24 hours. 

Can I get a PDF chart as well if I order a kit?

Yes, you can get a PDF at 50% off if you would like to get it along with a Kit order. Simply send us a msg after you complete your Kit order and we will send you a separate PayPal invoice for the PDF file.

I want to stitch an artwork but you don't have it.

Send us the photo of the artwork to and we will design it for you! We will send you a final stitched preview and only if you like it then we will proceed to create the product for you. There is absolutely no obligations. And your suggestion might get added to our repertoire!

How do I finish a Bookmark design?

You can get plenty of help and advise on the net. But here's a place we love --> How to Finish your Bookmark